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Nov 2 - 3 2024

*price increase soon*

$5,000 prize

Inspired by Forrest Fenn and the tale of the Fenn Treasure in the Rocky Mountains, the Dewey Treasure Hunt is a 24-hour hunt for an actual hidden treasurof
$5,000 in coins & cash.

Rekindle adventure.


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You Need a Team of Four

$200 *prices increase early 2024*


The Hidden Treasure: The treasure will be hidden in an easily accessible place on public land. It will not be buried. Do not dig up the beach or any other spaces or places. It will not be on private land. Your team will receive a treasure map & poem on November 2nd 2024. If you can solve it, you will find the treasure.

What if someone finds the treasure? The treasure will not be hidden until November 2nd. If a team finds our treasure before Sunday afternoon's closing party, the hunt is over. We will keep this page updated and you can check in periodically to see if anyone has found the treasure. If the treasure has been found, the "x" on the top of this page will disappear. If no one finds the treasure, it will be added to next year's prize. There is only ONE treasure, so the first team to find it will win it!


**Keep your eyes on this page for updates and hints as well, leading up to November**

Teams: You will need a team of four to find our treasure. Our $5,000 cash prize can be taken by the winners, or donated to their favorite charity in their name.


Schedule of Events:


Saturday, November 2nd: Treasure Map & Pack Reveal 12 pm - 1 pm (on the beach in DEWEY)

Sunday, November 4th: Closing Party 12pm - 1 pm

*cash bar with Raffle and Gift-Card Give-Away*

Accommodations: Please stay at our preferred hotel partner - The Hyatt Place Dewey Beach - staying here may even give you an advantage in our Treasure Hunt. Keep your eyes peeled. Clues and hints are everywhere. #deweytreasurehunt

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Participating Teams

Team Coins & Crushes


Long & Foster

Team Hofbrau

Team Dewey Needs more Beers

. . . possibly you. . . 

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